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Kinés du Monde is an international solidarity NGO, which was created in 1987.

It is aiming at the functional rehabilitation of handicapped children who suffer from endemic diseases mainly present in developing countries (poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, etc.)

We train local staff and participate in the implementation of health structures in order to provide rigorous, global and autonomous care of handicapped children.

Our programs are mainly financed by the revenues generated by membership fees.


You can also make an online donation or become a member through our online shop.

Attention! We are sorry to inform you that the online shop is only available in French. But we thank you warmly for your support.


5 Rue Federico Garcia Lorca
Pôle De Solidarité Internationale
Grenoble, Isère 38100

KINES DU MONDE Pôle de Solidarité Internationale - 5 rue Federico García Lorca - 38100 Grenoble
tél. 04-76-87-45-33 | e-mail :