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Specific goal
Improve the range of functional rehabilitation and readaptation care through training of the medical staff.

Target groups
- Medical staff

- Physically handicapped and children with spinal injuries in the Chittagong region

- Train approximately ten rehabilitation auxiliaries

- Nurture Center for Disabled and Paralyzed (NCDP), a care unit for inpatients suffering from spinal injuries and other neurological diseases

- Chittagong hospital

Volunteers profile
- Physiotherapists

The French Physiotherapists Association (Conseil National de l'Ordre des Masseurs-Kinésithérapeutes) has contributed to the funding of this programme up to 20,000€.

Mission responsible
François ARRAMY

To learn more about this mission, take a look at the "Lettre au Bangladesh" (in French).

If you are interested in this programme, click on the picture below and read more about actions carried out since 2013 and the next steps foreseen until 2017.

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