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Located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the south-eastern part of the country, Hariksha is a small town situated in a rural area, four hours away by car from Chennai or Bangalore.

Mission goal
The aim is to train the staff of the learning center who are in charge of 50 handicapped children (day patients) and therefore to make up for difficulties encountered when recruiting physiotherapists.

Specific objective
Organizational support for better care of children on both education and therapeutic aspects.

Hariksha Learning Center is managed by M. Ravi Palaniu whose NGO is financed by indian and foreign donations.

The main part of financing comes from an American association named Asha and the costs of the newly built building have been supported by a French association named La Ferme des Crocodiles (LDFC).

Target group
Children in a handicap situation living in the rural area surrounding Hariksha (cerebral palsy, autism, general learning disability).

Foreseen duration of the project
12 months

Press review
Read the related article (in French) published in the magazine FMT n°114 (March 2015).

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