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Chakaria center

The Chakaria center is located in the South-East of Bangladesh. 

It is dedicated to the care of the most vulnerable children suffering from physical handicap.

Five physiotherapists, four orthotists and prosthetists, four social workers and a manager work daily to fight the consequences of cerebral paralysis, congenital malformations and post-burn scars that cause, in Bangladesh more than anywhere else, social injustices.

In February 2015, two volunteers were appointed to evaluate progress made in the last 12 years in treating cerebral paralysis in the Chakaria center and its subcenters. Four missions have been carried out in the first half of 2015.

Two additional volunteers have started to train physiotherapists to become trainers themselves so that they can pass on competencies in the treatment of club-foot. In 2015 the main goal is to initiate a "trainer training" programme and to define criteria required to be compliant with the Ponseti method. Professionalism and empowerment of the Chakaria center are central to Kinés du Monde strategy.

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