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Danang, Vietnam.
A coastal city located 600 kms South of Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city.

Global objectives
- Improve the standard of rehabilitation care and education in order to facilitate the social inclusion of children suffering from cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities treated at Thanh Tam School.
- Improve information and early care of handicapped children coming from the poorest families in the Danang region, Quang Nam and Ha Tinh provinces and Can Loc and Hong Linh districts (where an early detection program is already running).

Specific objectives
Improve care provided to disabled children in Danang and its region by:

- training the center's therapists in specifically adapting care to children suffering from cerebral palsy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychomotor education).

- giving some therapists a trainer course so that they can pass on specific knowledge to colleagues when new centers are opened (which is currently the case in Ha Tinh province).

- informing and training the center's teaching team as well as the teaching staff of partner schools involved in the inclusive education's programme (on cognitive disorders, developmental coordination disorder, adaptation of teaching tools).

- training some of the collaborators of the screening and early intervention network as well as parents of disabled children.

- fitting out the Hoa Quy early intervention site (in partnership with local handicraftsmen).

Thanh Tam's special education centre takes care of children and teenagers with physical handicap (cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities), hearing impairment, mental disorders…

The center includes a specialized school, a vocational training school, boarding facilities and rooms dedicated to rehabilitation.

Thanh Tam School has also developed a screening and early intervention programme targeting disabled children in the poorest families in Danang city, Quang Nam and Ha Tinh provinces and Can Loc and Hong Linh districts. The donor of this programme is a Luxembourger NGO, "Christian Solidarity International".

Awareness about the benefits of inclusive education (ordinary schools taking in children with and without disabilities) has recently arisen within Vietnam local governmental bodies.

The People's Committees of Danang city and Ha Tinh province have called for a collaboration with the center aiming at creating an inclusive educational programme involving preschools, primary and secondary state schools in the two regions.

Target groups
- Therapists, teachers, families and collaborators, who will be trained
- Thanh Tam School pupils, disabled children and their families in the Danang region, Quang Nam and Ha Tinh provinces and Can Loc and Hong Linh districts.

Support financially this mission and contribute to its smooth progress. You can read more about it by clicking the picture below.
You will find portraits of children who are beneficiaries.

In the press
Reread the article published in the magazine FMT n°115 in June 2015.

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