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Thanh Tam School takes in daily about 250 children suffering from handicap.

Here is the portrait of one of these children so that you get to know better this humanitarian program.

Let us introduce to Nguyen Ngoc Quynh-Nhu, age 3.

Her father is a worker, but the profession of her mother is unknown. She is an only child.

She's been suffering from deafness since she was born, but now wears hearing aid. She also had motor disability and went through surgery to lengthen tendons of her lower limbs.

She has only been at Thanh Tam School for a week and is already learning to stand alone as well as to walk with her rolling walker with the help of her therapist.

We hope that she will soon walk alone and develop her motor capacities. Another goal is the development of her communication and language capacities, as she does not speak nor master sign language yet. She will soon be able to autonomously do things such as eat, get dressed, participate in washing, etc.

Mission news
I have now been for three months at Thanh Tam special school in Danang, Vietnam. Three months spent with therapists, teachers, nuns and children. The daily life is very bustling here.

Days are taken up with teaching and child care given alongside therapists. I am also busy preparing the training for collaborators involved in the early detection programmes, for partners in the province and the neighbor province, as well as for parents.

After having agreed on a common ground on cerebral palsy, we are getting started dealing with children installation so as each child benefits from installations matching her/his specific needs.

Pauline CREPIN

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